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How it all started

Painting it Forward started in Cape Town as an idea by a man lying in hospital, bored and a bit peckish after a successful lifesaving operation. He thought that the walls could do with a coat of paint. He shared his thought with his friends and before he knew it over a hundred people from the local community helping out and the most incredible local artists painting beautiful murals onto the walls of the hospital.

Then the next year...

They did it again.


Painting it Forward combines sponsors, artists and volunteers through the help and facilitation of a registered non-profit organization to paint murals onto the walls of establishments of care. 

Here's how it works:

- A team with some knowledge of painting, event management and marketing is assembled by the organizer.

- A registered non-profit organisation is to be included to aid with and facilitate the event.

-- Local companies and individuals are invited to help through corporate sponsorship of paint, equipment, food and anything particular to an individual event. No money is required, Any suggestions are welcome if someone thinks they could add something special to the event.

- Artists, and community volunteers are invited to help via local and social media.

- An Emergency Medical Professional and Fire Marshall is to be present during the event to ensure the safety of all involved.

- Artists and Volunteers use the sponsored paint and equipment to paint beautiful murals onto the walls of the selected venue.


More about everybody's role:


Sponsors provide us with the tools and materials we need to get the job done. Companies that care about the community should be praised. Via websites, social media, community newspapers and talk radio we let the community know who is responsible for providing us with what we need to complete our projects of upliftment.

Paint: The amount of paint required is calculated according to the measurements of the wall surface area and the coverage of the sponsored paint.

Equipment: Brushes, dropsheets, pallets and paint trays. Whatever is needed to get the job done. These are calculated according to the amount of volunteers and artists that are expected to be at the event and finalized according to the number of entry forms.

Food: Healthy and tasty food seems tastier after some painting. The amount of food required is also calculated according to the amount of people expected at the event and sensitive to the dietary requiements expressed on their entry forms.

Anything else: Some venues might have a specific need and if there's someone who can help, let them. If someone can add something special to the event, provided that it's safe and appropriate, they are welcome.


Non Profit Partnership

A non-profit organization brings good people into the fold who know how to tackle projects of community upliftment. Their fascilitation makes donations of goods and services to the events possible.

Our NPO partners at Cape Town's Painting it Forward are The Daniel & Friends Fund. To find out more about the wonderful work they are doing and how you can help them, please click on their link.



Artists are invited to pick one of our selected mural walls and suggest a mural they would like to paint. Artists may lead a team, assist within a team or offer themselves as an artsy hand and help wherever they’re needed. We calculate the paint required for the mural and the artist will be provided with all the paint and equipment required to complete their mural. Should the artist wish to bring some of their own equipment, they are welcome to. The mural is to be completed within one or two days and will be on display in this very public venue for years to come.



To complete this project in two days we need as many hands as we can get. Many hands make light work and we can all do our part. Volunteers set everything up. We clean the walls, we lay down the drop sheets, we hand out the paint brushes and trays, we paint the base paint, we make the food, we serve the food, we have fun, we make friends, we uplift and support each other and we uplift and support the artists. The volunteers are the backbone of this endeavour. Some who are brave enough, may even try their hand at some artsy painting too.


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