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Daniel and Friends Fund

Daniel and Friends Fund

On the 23rd August 2013, little Daniël le Roux succumbed to complications of Leigh Syndrome, a rare disorder he’d battled so courageously.  Daniël’s paediatrician, who had cared for him with much love and compassion, envisioned an initiative through which families of children with special needs can be provided with the necessary support and resources to see them through similar challenges.  

And so, in remembrance of Daniël, the Daniël and Friends Fund was launched, carried by a shared dream and passion to motivate our fellow parents to draw inspiration from their children and each other and possibly achieve a higher joy they might never have imagined, despite their life’s path having taken an unexpected turn.  


To be the advocate for children with special needs.


  • To provide parents/caregivers with the necessary training, knowledge and understanding to enable them to care for their child/children to the best of their abilities.
  • To raise awareness for these children and their families.
  • To change society’s perception of disability via media campaigns and community-based programs.


The Daniël and Friends Fund is a Non-Profit Organisation which provides the following elements of support to families of children with special needs :

  • Parental Support

By means of a 24Hr Online Support Group, Education through various information/training sessions and family-inclusive social activities, as well as guidance on more serious matters provided by a Psychologist/Social Worker.  

  • Children’s Welfare

Through subsidised intervention therapy, sponsorships for day-to-day needs as well as equipment/accessories.

  • Emotional Wellness

In-hospital visits to lift the spirits of the children during hospital stays.


A fun reward system which applies to both affected children, as well as their siblings (to ensure a feeling of equal importance and belonging) whereby children receive stickers for each function they attend and can then exchange their stickers for gifts once the required number of stickers has been collected.


Kate Laurie (Chairperson) whose daughter, Marielé, passed away exactly one week before Daniël and whose youngest daughter, Liza, suffers with the same condition as Marielé, Aicardi-Goutieres Syndrome ;
Lianie le Roux (Social and Finances) Mom to Daniël and Nina ; and
Nicky de Beer (Marketing) Mom to Samuel, who has Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Autism


Professor Pieter Fourie (CEO)

Mrs Rose-Hannah Brown (Board Chairperson)

Mrs Anna-Mart Muller

Mr Nico Walters

Dr Garish Mohlaba


Daniel and Friends Fund

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Nicky de Beer 084 589 7807
Chris Lategan 082 430 1142