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Painting it Forward does not need cash donations. We only need goods such as paint, equipment and food as well as services in the form of setting up, painting and cleaning up.



Should you only be able to give a cash donation, you are welcome to donate to The Daniel & Friends Fund, who will then use that money to buy goods for the Cape Town event. Should there be more donations received than we require, the money will remain with the Daniel & Friends Fund. What they do is a very worthwhile cause.


Daniel and Friends Fund



Should you wish to donate anything any of the venues we have painted, here's how you can help:


Tygerberg Hospital School – How you can help

The Tygerberg Hospital School, situated on the Lower Ground Floor of the hospital, caters not only for all children admitted to the hospital (regardless of the length of their stay) but also forms part of the iThuba Psychiatry Unit, as well as offers two classes specialising in learners with Apraxia.

Susan Potgieter and the team at Tygerberg Hospital School are passionate about their mission…to ensure that each learner’s unique needs are assessed and accommodated, that they might achieve their full potential through both effective educational guidance and the nurturing of a healthy self-image.

With financial challenges affecting many of the learners’ families, the school relies significantly on donations and sponsorships in order to acquire items which would otherwise have been purchased from funds accumulated in a sufficiently stable school fees account.  For this reason, each and every donation and/or sponsored item is an invaluable contribution to THS and met with equal appreciation and gratitude, regardless of the cost or nature thereof.

Listed below are some of the items the school is most in need of:

Grade R
•    Jigsaw puzzles (24 piece up to 100 piece)
•    Balls (big – normal plastic balls and small - the size of a tennis ball)
•    Big paintbrushes
•    Coloured paper /card
•    Wood glue
•    Board games e.g. snakes and ladders, Scrabble
•    Oil pastels
•    Plasters
•    Small hula hoops
•    Unprinted newspaper

Grades 1 – 7

•    Training pencils (Gr 1)
•    Broad lined books (Gr 1)
•    Lots of good quality glue stick
•    Both left-handed and right-handed scissors (big and small)
•    Educational Games
•    HP Pencils
•    Age-appropriate puzzles
•    Educational colouring-in books
•    Colour paper
•    Colour card
•    Soft erasers
•    Good quality sharpeners (preferably metal)
•    Exam pads
•    Geometry sets
•    Calculators
•    Colour pencils
•    Plastic sleeves
•    Age-appropriate educational posters
•    Whiteboard markers
•    Whiteboard erasers
•    Whiteboard brushes/cloths
•    Construction toys

Grades 8-12

•    Lots of good quality glue stick
•    Bostik
•    Craft glue
•    Fabric paint
•    Art supplies
•    Modge Podge (a water-based sealer glue finish)
•    Coloured paper and board (Pastels, Brights, Neons)
•    Exam pads
•    A4 Hard cover books
•    Calculators
•    Whiteboard markers
•    Sewing scissors
•    Old birthday cards
•    Serviettes
•    White candles
•    Fabric   
•    Lace, ribbons, beads
•    Non-perishable cooking and baking ingredients

If you wish to donate towards or sponsor any of the above-listed items or would like to make enquiries in this regard, kindly contact :

Susan Potgieter      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.           021-938 5261

Nicky de Beer        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     084 589 7807

Tygerberg Hospital School Banking details for any monetary donations:

Acc Name:   Tygerberg Student Buro
Bank:    ABSA
Acc No.:   4049462352 (Cheque Account)
Code:   632005
Ref:    Donation

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