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2015 Gallery - Artists' Completed Murals

  • How to Train Your Dragon by Olivia Stone
  • Aladdin by Dorette Walters and Madeleine du Toit and Sabrina Ruprecht
  • Inside Out by Sandra Gie
  • The Lorax by Mahya Golabi
  • Spongebob Squarepants by Renier van der Vyver
  • Space Turtle by Jodique Fortune
  • Karla Krullebol by Chris Venter
  • Spaceman by Jason Fortune
  • Red Riding Hood by Luloph Pretorius
  • One Piece by Hardus Jonker
  • Numbers Letters and Colours by Chantel Pearce
  • Minion by Brandon Challis
  • Finding Nemo by Maxine Koen
  • Animals in the Jungle by Dedre Fouquet
  • School Entrance Hall

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