2018 Event

Painting it Forward Cape Town - 16 & 17 June 2018 - Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital

 Our 2018 event will be taking place at the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital in Rondebosch, Cape Town.

Everyone who spends time at the world-renowned Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital leaves feeling like this is no ordinary hospital.

This healing space takes care of around 250 000 patients each year, most of whom come from exceptionally poor and marginalised communities. Patients come from all over South Africa and sometimes even from greater Africa. A third of the patients are younger than a year old.

Built in Cape Town in 1956, the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital is the first and only stand-alone tertiary hospital in sub-Saharan Africa dedicated entirely to child healthcare. While delivering world-class paediatric treatment and care, it’s important to the hospital that they make as large an impact as possible and equip others to do the same. The hospital is a teaching hospital for the University of Cape Town and provides training to paediatric healthcare professionals from the entire sub-continent. They also conduct ground-breaking research into childhood illnesses that has a global impact.

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Our theme this year is:

"Love, Life and Water"

We have the biggest initiative yet this year, with many more walls to paint than ever before. We are therefore really pulling out all of the stops for this event and will need many volunteers and artists to help us make this event a success.

There are a few sections around the hospital where we will be working our Painting it Forward magic. The Stepping Stones Creche is in need of some revamping, with some volunteers required to redo the Grade R ceiling and some artists to transform the courtyard and passage.

The Pharmacy waiting area is a busy section of the hospital and children often wait here with their parents to get their medication. We need to liven it up with some colour and eye catching murals to keep the children and parents mesmerized while they wait.

We have an admin building and a staff tea room that we would also like to brighten up. The staff work tirelessly to help their patients recover and Painting it Forward would really love to make their little breaks inbetween something to calm their spirits and lift them up.

The Out Patients Department waiting area and stairwell is as bland as it gets. This area has some large spaces to create some truly magnificent murals.

The Murals by Lead Artists

This year, we are hoping our artists can send us some of their previous work and we need to get an idea of what the lead artist is planning to paint. The hospital would like to make sure that the murals are in line with the needs of children and they are also hoping for something more original than another Disney character. This means our artists can get creative!

If you apply to be a lead artist, we will liase with you via email about what you intent to paint and what materials you will need. We ideally need to know what colours you require so that we can ensure you have enough paint.

We will provide everything you need, but artists are welcome to bring their own materials if they feel more comfortable doing so.

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"Love inspiration."

Volunteers and Artsy Hands

Our volunteers and artsy hands are so valuable to our event. There is something for everyone to do. You don't need to be artistic to get inivolved. If you can hold a paintbrush or lay some tape, then we need you.

We will provide all the tools you will need to get the job done and we will also provide some food to keep the team going.

 "Inspiration is all around us."

Art Inspiration

If you would like to be a volunteer, please fill out our volunteer registration form to get you registered.
If you would like to be a lead artist, an artist's assistant or an artsy hand, please fill out our artist registration form.

If you know of anyone or would like to be a sponsor, please have a look at our sponsor's page.

We are all looking forward to another successful event that promises to be a rewarding one.

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